Bridging global networks




Bridging Global Networks





JLABS is experiencing substantial demand and growth around the world – adding locations, deploying new vehicles for entrepreneurs, and delivering enhanced programming like the Global CEO Summit, Inside Scoop, and Health Tech @ JLABS, all while connecting our global network of investors, resources and experts. With this growth, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in diversity in the companies, technologies and talent entering the JLABS ecosystem.

Impacting health for humanity

Beerse was the home of a young researcher named Dr. Paul Janssen, who started a company with a loan from his father of 50,000 Belgian francs and workspace on the third floor of the family business. That lab would go on to achieve great things: delivering more than 80 medicines that saved millions of lives. Beerse is now home of the first JLABS in Europe to give other innovators the opportunity to follow in Dr. Paul Janssen’s footsteps.

JLABS is bringing its unparalleled world-class R&D resources and networks to the research community in Shanghai – and we are honored to witness their great impact on the innovations born here.

Michelle Li Sun | Managing Director, Head, Healthcare, Ping An Capital

Impacting health for humanity

Wireless orthopedic healing

Intelligent implants

“JLABS has provided us a home in the heart of Texas complete with rocket fuel to power our development,” said John Zellmer, co-founder and CEO of Intelligent Implants. Imagine if doctors could not only monitor your bone growth after spinal surgery in real time, but also speed it up, redirect it remotely and help you heal more quickly.

According to Intelligent Implants, they’re building that capability with wireless implantable electronics. Johnson & Johnson Innovation scouts first spotted the company’s founders in Shenzhen, China, and connected them to JLABS @ TMC for access to specialized equipment and expertise for medical device companies. Since joining JLABS in March 2017, Intelligent Implants has gained connections to advance their technology and has been able to leverage their portfolio status to attract funding – including investments from TMC Venture Fund and AngelMD Catalyst Fund. The company also won the CDI @ TMC QuickFire Challenge recognizing the game-changing potential of their solution.

“By introducing electronics and real-time analytics into the orthopedic business, our technology could help hundreds of thousands of people every year,” Zellmer said.

Tackling global diseases with technology


The tragedy of rare and chronic diseases is that people living with these conditions often die of complications rather than the diagnosed condition itself. Artificial Intelligence (AI) could change this situation. Medopad, the winner of our Metabolic Disease QuickFire Challenge in Singapore, uses AI to do just that. Their platform, which covers a wide variety of disea areas, generates predictive insights to detect life threatening medical conditions, develop more efficient drugs and deliver a more personalized approach to population health by transforming the way patients and data interact with clinicians.

The London-based company with offices at JLABS @ NYC, has attracted attention from businesses, governments and organizations around the world, completing more than $130 million in commercial deals in China alone. Medopad is also collaborating with Actelion, a Janssen Pharmaceutical Company of Johnson & Johnson, to support patients living with pulmonary arterial hypertension, as well as Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, to enhance eye health.


Programs & Community | JLABS has produced 400+ events this year in 47 cities around the world, attracting more than 19,000 new members to our community, with more than 76,000 unique new members participating in our programs over the past six years. We’ve added new programs to help our ecosystem members connect to each other and to vital stakeholders like investors who can support their growth. These events include the Inside Scoop, where companies pitch to a global audience, and the Global CEO Summit, where JLABS CEOs connect with each other along with other partners, investors and Johnson & Johnson executives.

Impacting health for humanity