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Andreas Ebneth

Senior Director

Janssen R&D Belgium


Senior Director Andreas Ebneth holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University Hospital in Hannover in 1994 in the field of biophysics of proto-oncogenes. He joined the Max Planck unit in Hamburg, Germany, as a Postdoc studying the role of tau in Alzheimer’s disease. His research focused on the regulation of intracellular, microtubule-dependent transport mechanism. After his Postdoc period, he worked in a newly founded biotech company offering CRO business in the field of ion channels. Thereafter, Andreas was employed by Evotec in Hamburg, Germany, and involved in multiple projects partnered with pharma industry in the area of neurodegeneration (primarily Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease). He then joined Janssen and led a team in Beerse, Belgium, working on small molecule and biologics approaches to identify therapies aiming at reducing tau pathology in Alzheimer’s disease. In addition he leads several European collaboration within the IMI framework addressing iPSC technology and neuroimmunology aspects in Alzheimer’s disease. He has now been with the Janssen Neuroscience Therapeutic Area for 7 years, currently acting as the head of the Neurodegeneration TA.


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