Anna Gosiewska



Anna Gosiewska

Anna Gosiewska

Senior Director, Emerging Science & Innovation

J&J Consumer Product

Why I'm a JPAL

It is fascinating to interact with innovative startups, and to help de-risk emerging science with transformation/ disruptive potential.


In her current role at Emerging Science & Innovation (ESI), J&J Consumer Inc., Anna is leading the Consumer Naturals Platform, with specific emphasis on discovery of natural actives applicable across consumer franchises, and building synthetic biology/Green chemistry and biomimicry pillars; Anna is also focused on identifying and de-risking emerging science with transformation potential, aligned strategically across consumer need states, related to stem cells, AI/machine learning for target identification, and other emerging technologies, as part of ESI Catalyzer efforts; spearheading cross-sector collaborations, external partnerships as well as championing the culture of innovation. Prior to her current role, in 2012, Anna transitioned from J&J Medical Devices, where she was Senior Director at Advanced Technologies and Regenerative Medicine, leading research strategy and discovery efforts across novel biomaterials, cell -based technologies, nanotechnologies and tissue engineered scaffolds; developing innovative product concepts applicable to tissue engineering/regenerative medicine, and deciphering the complex biochemical mechanisms and developing products that control the healing and regeneration of human tissues and organs.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

Albert Einstein

Fun fact:

I practice power yoga as part of my relaxation routine - great fun!