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Anthony Geonnotti

Associate Director, Self Care R&D, J&J Consumer Health

J&J Consumer Products US

Why I'm a JPAL

I love working with the passionate and creative teams within JLABS and hope to help them overcome obstacles and accelerate growth by connecting them with expertise and resources at J&J.


I lead an R&D team within J&J's Consumer Health business focused on creating novel products that improve at-home access to clinically-proven healthcare solutions. We evaluate, develop, and launch new products across multiple business models and regulatory approaches ranging from microbiome therapeutics through digital health apps and diagnostic medical devices. I have experience in early technology evaluation, product development, and external innovation across most of our Consumer Health brands. Prior to joining J&J, I led research to in HIV vaccine design and infectious disease prevention.


"The most damaging phrase in the language is 'We’ve always done it this way!'"

- Grace Murray Hopper

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