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Anthony Rowe



Anthony Rowe

Anthony Rowe

Business Technology Leader, IT Senior Director


Why I'm a JPAL

I'm passionate about developing the next generation of healthcare technology to enable both J&J and the broader industry. 


  • BEng Computer System Engineering (U Warwick, UK)
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence (Imperial College UK)
  • PhD Machine Learning & High Performance Computing (Imperial College UK)
  • Founding team member (#7) of InforSense LTD (Big Data and Analytics Focus) from its start up in '99, through multiple rounds of investment, Growth to 150 employees, An company Exit in 2009
  • Responsible for Product Management, Marketing, Engineering at different points of tenure
  • With Janssen since 2011
  • Leading Roles in IT External Innovation, Translational Informatics, Digital Health, Discovery Informatics
  • Designed and executed some of Janssen's first digital health trials
  • Created and managed multiple pre-competitive international technology & research consortia
  • Reviewer on multiple Quick Fire Challenges



Fun fact: