Antonius "Pieter" van den Heuvel



Antonius "Pieter" van den Heuvel

Antonius "Pieter" van den Heuvel

Senior Scientist, Natural Actives, Emerging Science & Innovation

Johnson and Johnson Consumer

Why I'm a JPAL

Being an integral part of Emerging Science & Innovation (ESI), it is my professional mission and passion to support innovation.


Pieter is a Senior Scientist in J&J Consumer's ESI, and embedded in Janssen Discovery Sciences, where he focuses on Consumer target ID, assay development and naturals screening. Prior to this, his work experience evolved around preclinical research in (combinations of) oncology, metabolism, and virology in pharma, small biotech, and academia. He obtained his PhD from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.


"Synergy is better than my way or your way. It's our way."

Fun fact:
Having three first names, none of which are your official go-by name, and a three worded last name, causes all sorts of confusion.