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Anuk Das

Anuk Das

Senior Director, JHMI Scientific Innovations


Why I'm a JPAL

I believe that there is much reciprocal value if external entrepreneurs and internal Johnson and Johnson researchers can connect towards a common goal - to drive forward new healthcare solutions.


Within the Janssen Human Microbiome Instution, responsible for identifying, developing and maintaining partnerships across a multitude of collaborators and stakeholders working closely with the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers to solidify JHMI’s industry leadership position in delivering microbiome healthcare solutions. Anuk joined the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson in 2001 and has since catalyzed the evaluation of emerging areas of research with promising scientific potential for the Immunology Therapeutic Area (TA). Following a successful record of program and functional leadership spanning several disease areas focused upon the discovery and development of potential new medicines, Anuk led External Research. In this role she delivered new areas of scientific research that shaped the Disease Area Stronghold (DAS) strategies for disease interception and prevention. Her work helped to establish a global network of external partners in academia and biotechnology for the Immunology TA and further drove investments in emerging areas of interest, including several ongoing projects focused on the microbiome. Most recently, Anuk served as Senior Director, Disease Integrative Biology (DIB), and launched the Immunology Exploratory Science Laboratory (I-ExSL) and Immunology Postdoctoral Program. As the founder of these groups, Anuk built productive scientific functions that leveraged human disease knowledge and the network pharmacology disease platform to establish new paradigms for identifying and validating novel therapeutic mechanisms.


"Art is I, science is we."

Claude Bernard

Fun fact:

Spent a night in an igloo.