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Bert Hartog



Bert Hartog

Bert Hartog

Sr Director Digital Health R&D

Janssen R&D BE

Why I'm a JPAL

I admire the ecosystem JLabs is creating and would be honored to contribute where I can. I can offer my experience in clinical development and my passion to make healthcare more accessible and to make clinical trials more attractive for patients and investigators.


Bert is an experienced Senior Director and Innovation Leader. He leads transformational innovation projects that have the goal to shape the future of clinical trial execution, and position Janssen as a role model in patient-centered clinical research. Bert is an industry expert in Global Clinical Operations and Digital Health. He graduated in Biomedicine and obtained a PhD in Medicine from Utrecht University. He worked in Clinical Operations-, QA- and IT-management before joining Janssen’s Clinical Innovation team in 2015. His main focus today is developing capabilities for digital health in clinical trials, including digital outcome measures and technologies for remote patient monitoring.


"Research is to see what everybody has seen and think what nobody has thought."

Albert Szent-Györgyi

Fun fact:

Whenever possible I like to travel by train, taking my folding bike where needed