Deborah Law



Deborah Law

Deborah Law

VP Research Infectious Diseases

Janssen R&D

Why I'm a JPAL

Interested in using my experience in both large pharma and biotech to help small companies progress and succeed.


Over 25 years experience in both large pharma and biotech with a focus on driving preclinical programs from target discovery through transition to the clinic. Emphasis on Biologics as therapeutics in the immunology and oncology space. C-level experience as CSO at Jounce Therapeutics (Immuno-oncology biotech) and Ablynx (Biologics platform company) including IPO and SPO activities. Served as VP of Biologics then VP of Immuno-oncology at Merck helping to facilitate the approval of pembrolizumab (anti-PD-1) and overseeing the immuno-oncology discovery pipeline. VP at PDL Biopharma overseeing immunology and oncology and involved in progressing elotuzumab (anti-CS-1) from bench to clinic. Trained as an immunologist.


"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes" 

Oscar Wilde

Fun fact:

I love zombie books and movies (but not the Walking Dead!)