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Emir Osmanagic

Director - Advanced Imaging and Visualization

US Hospital Medical Device

Why I'm a JPAL

I've been a JPAL for about 4 years now. It's great opportunity to connect with external innovation and impact our way of developing and uptaking technologies that make big difference for the patients, surgeons and us as a company.


  • Director - Advanced Imaging and Visualization Technologies, Digital Surgery, Ethicon
  • Director - Enabling Technologies, DePuy Spine
  • Head of New Technologies and Innovation – Baxter Inc.
  • Led large engineering teams in “evolutionizing” existing medical devices (HW, SW, FW, ME)
  • Led global software (LIMS) development team (Brazil, India, China, US) to standardize genomics research
  • Led Scientific Technical team at Pfizer focused on developing new medical devices: automation/robotics, research, diagnostics
  • Adjunct Professor – Electrical and Systems Engineering


"The best way to predict the future is to create it!"

Fun fact:

Educator and gardener in heart: enjoy teaching, knowledge transfer, developing others and seeing them flourish and make difference