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Ernesto Munoz



Ernesto Munoz

Ernesto Munoz

Senior Director, Immunology Translational Sciences and Medicine


Why I'm a JPAL

Interested in keeping in touch with the early stage companies.


  • Broadly knowledgeable, driven scientific leader with a strong background in research and development in immunology with a focus on autoimmunity, inflammation, translational research and biomarkers/precision medicine.
  • Track record in design and implementation of cross-disciplinary research strategies from target/drug discovery and validation, pre-clinical, biomarkers strategy and early clinical development
  • Rationale and design of early development studies (SAD/MAD), mechanism of action and proof of concept studies, as well as support to late stage and post-launched assets
  • Experience in pre-clinical pharmacology/efficacy in vitro and in vivo assessment of drug candidates to establish PK/PD, mechanistic readouts, biomarkers discovery
  • Excellent group leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills demonstrated by the formation of high performing motivated teams
  • Demonstrated ability to identify, establish and manage productive research and clinical trial collaborations with academia


"Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality."

- Bruce Lee

Fun fact:

I cannot tell jokes.