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Haifeng Cui



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Haifeng Cui

Senior Director, Infectious Diseases & Vaccines/Cardiovascular Metabolism/Neuroscience Innovation

Janssen China R&D Center

Why I'm a JPAL

To bridge the gap of entrepreneur thinking and big-pharma mindset, to learn new emerging mode of action, therapeutic modalities/technologies. Mentor new companies to bring their ideas into clinic stage and expose myself to the innovation ecosystem.


Haifeng is a senior director at J&J APIC to promote regional pharmaceutical innovation, he is also responsible for scouting collaboration opportunities within Asia Pacific, and covers Infectious disease and vaccine, immunology, cardiovascular and metabolic, and neuroscience therapeutic areas. He is a collaborative and open-minded matrix scientific leader with proven ability to drive productive relationship with internal/external partners, and capability to critique project proposals and perform due diligence to aid business deal. Before joining J&J, Haifeng was a scientific team director and GSK fellow in the medicine design unit at GSK in the United States. His primary role was to lead multidisciplinary matrix team on novel mode of action anti-infective discovery programs, to deliver clinical candidates and follow through to clinical proof of concept. Beyond infectious diseases, he had experience in cardiovascular and renal disorders. He is an innovative drug hunter with robust track record to invent and deliver transformational first-in-class medicines in various modalities, with expanded expertise in nano targeted drug delivery. Haifeng joined GSK as a medicinal chemist in 2002 after completing his PhD in chemistry at University of Pennsylvania. He obtained his BS from Zhejiang University in China.