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Jeannie Rojas



Jeannie Rojas

Jeannie Rojas

Director, Drug Product Development & Supply


Why I'm a JPAL

Throughout my career, I have always enjoyed having strong links to the biotech community. I enjoy sharing my expertise in drug development, particularly for early stage programs putting together an IND enabling data package.


I have a strong background in early stage therapeutic drug development, primarily in Immunology. Some area of expertise include monoclonal antibodies, novel protein scaffolds, drug conjugates and the microbiome. In addition, I have led the BLA submission and launch of Jansen's first IL-23 monoclonal antibody, Tremfya. I am a protein chemist by training with a PhD from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. I am also very interested in the business side of science and have an MBA from the Wharton Business School.


"Hope is not a strategy."

Fun fact:

I grew up near Wrigley Field and spent a lot of time going to baseball games, which would explain why my office looks like the Cub's gifts shop.