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Joshua Rys



Joshua Rys

Joshua Rys

Regulatory Affairs Associate Manager

Johnson and Johnson Consumer

Why I'm a JPAL

Innovation and strategy excite me. I look forward to strategic conversations and mentorship as pivotal aspects of my development as well as the mentees I work with. Having worked in the Consumer division, I have had the opportunity to develop and manage many different regulatory classifications of products and realize that there is a large value in regulatory affairs to help strategically direct throughout all stages of product development. I also see this as the start of a broader relationship with the regulatory affairs department.


As part of the Consumer division of J&J, I have had hands on experience with many different classifications of products including NDAs, homeopathics, cosmetics, OTC drugs, medical devices & mobile medical apps. I have specifically focused on U.S. regulations and am developing experience with global regulations.


"A negative mind will never give you a positive life."

Fun fact:

I play the alto saxophone.