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Katarina Lindell

R&D Director Product Design Strategy & Excellence

Manufacturing Helsingborg

Why I'm a JPAL

Having a strong passion for science and technolgies as well as finding ways to help people live a healthier and happier life. J&J has the chance to do so much for so many and we should be open to support and collaborate with start-ups and entrepreneurs to hopefully increase their chances to succeed with their innovations and ideas.


Katarina has a PhD in applied Physical Chemistry from Lund University in Sweden and more 20 years of experience working in Pharmaceutical R&D / Product Development within the area of OTCs. She has been responsible for the formulation development of many different Smoking Cessation products (brand: Nicorette), but has also been involved in the development of OTC products in other therapeutic areas, e.g. Cough & Cold and Digestive Healthcare. Katarina has a strong track record as an product innovator/inventor with approx. 15 patents and she is a so-called scientific Fellow with connections across the scientific community across J&J. In 2012 she and 3 other colleagues were awarded with the so-called Johnson Medal for their work on Nicorette QuickMist, a nicotine mouth-spray for smoking cessation, which has had a tremendous success on the market, as a faster acting and more flexible format to use.


"If J&J only knew what J&J really knows" (we have so much knowledge and experience, so let's collaborate more)

Fun fact:

I am really good at flavors and fragrances (sensory stuff), having a hobby interest in wines. This has actually helped me in my profession, when having to find means to mask foul flavors (drugs).