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Khalid Mahmood

Khalid Mahmood

Fellow, Manager R&D

Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc.

Why I'm a JPAL

I am a JPAL so that I can leverage my education and years of experience to help shape new businesses enabling to deliver on the promise in a time efficient manner.


Khalid is J&J Consumer internal expert on discovery and development of Active Naturals for all need states. Active Naturals are active molecules harvested from nature to deliver clinically proven benefit to consumer meeting their unmet needs. Khalid has successfully transferred technologies for Skin Health and for Self-Care from upstream discovery to formulators. A couple of technology solutions have already hit the market with most recent product launches in 2018 under Aveeno®’s MaxGlow products. Another key technology for anti-aging is in the process to be launched in 2022 under Aveeno® brand.

The key areas of expertise Khalid has gained experience includes Products in the area of skin health with strong natural bias including both topical and ingestible within beauty scope as well as for self-care. Fermentation or bio-fermentation to develop more sustainable solutions is another area of interest. In summary discovery & development of actives for unmet consumer needs is at the heart of his day to day effort and passion.

He has built contractual mechanisms to access natural chemical diversity which is deployed to screen molecular targets driving the discovery process. He works with internal and external stake holders fueling the discovery process. He co-led cross sector discovery program deploying Natural Chemistry assets and expertise with high through put screening robots at Discovery Sciences, Janssen R&D.

Khalid joined Johnson & Johnson Consumer in 2007 starting J&J life from J&J Singapore. He relocated his family from Santa Clara, California to Singapore and spent almost four years there, establishing Naturals Platform and the first version of a database (Tulip) to capture discovery stage test articles & results. He returned to USA in 2010 with a working program and a healthy pipeline of Active Naturals. Since then the scope of Naturals Platform has broadened beyond skin care. He led an Innovation Program for two years working with suppliers and internal stake holders driving supplier enabled innovation creating proof of concept with two successful technologies through supplier led clinical proof of efficacy. Most recently he has organized and co-hosted a natural symposium with an eye on future directions. The title of the symposium was “New Frontiers for Natural Solutions”. The symposium was a cross sector effort between ESI-Naturals Platform at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc and Discovery Sciences at Janssen R&D. Before joining J&J Khalid has the opportunity to work for J&J projects through a collaborative research and development agreement with his previous employer and J&J. He also had a significant exposure to manufacturing, analytical chemistry, and product development for products covered by DSHEA regulations. His earlier research was about synthetic methodologies for carbohydrate chemistry, free radical initiated cyclization reactions, and organic chemistry practiced at Positron Emission Tomography imaging center of University of Pittsburgh, PA.

He has co-edited a book compiling methods and techniques for quality and authenticity of botanicals published by CRC Press in 2015. He has co-authored book chapters highlighting Active Naturals, peer reviewed articles and has 17 issued patents. He has served as Chair of Princeton American Chemical Society for 2016, has served vice-chair, secretary/treasurer for American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) with multiple tenures. At AOCS he has organized and co-hosted multiple technical sessions including a hot topic session on Gut Microbiome and Human Health. He is also a sitting member of International Nomenclature Committee for Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) at Personal Care Products Council (PCPC).


"You cannot succeed if afraid to fail."

Fun fact:

I was part of active student politics during college in Pakistan.