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Liz Pandya



Liz Pandya

Liz Pandya

Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing / External Innovation

J&J Consumer Prod US

Why I'm a JPAL

Genuine passion for an idea is contagious, and start-ups have a ton of passion. I love supporting those who are passionate about what they are creating - by connecting them to the right resources, and helping them create a path to business viability.


12 years of Self Care / Health Care marketing experience, including strategic business planning, brand P&L management and all phases of the innovation process; from identifying rich consumer insights, to innovation idea development, validation and commercialization, to driving demand in the marketplace through marketing, PR and sales campaigns.


"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

A. Einstein

Fun fact:

I recently learned my ancestry is gypsy - and now I trust my gut just a little bit more.