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Matthew Parsons

Director of Emerging Technologies, Lung Cancer Initiative

Janssen R&D US

Why I'm a JPAL

I believe in Steven Johnson's theory of slow hunches, and think diverse connections foster great innovation - it's therefore a privilege to be part of the JLABS ecosystem


Matthew Parsons has 20 years of experience in medical device development, with roles including Strategy Development, Portfolio Management, Product Development, Strategic Marketing, Front End Innovation, and Talent Development. He has contributed to over 20 device launches, mostly in the cardiovascular and spinal orthopedic fields, and has crafted actionable strategies ranging from white space innovation roadmaps to downstream commercial activities. Matt obtained Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University. He holds over a dozen patents ranging from disposable devices and implants to surgical predictive analytics solutions. As part of the digital transformation in medical devices, Matt has led teams delivering Surgical Decision Support, an integrated solution for improved treatment decision-making informed by pre, intra, and post-operative data across TKA and bariatric episodes of care. Most recently, Matt joined a cross-sector initiative (combining Pharm, Med Device, & Consumer solutions) focused on the prevention, interception, and cure of lung cancer, with a focus on evaluating and integrating emerging technologies to enable earlier detection and treatment.


"Pain is inflicted upon us many times in this life, but suffering is optional"

Fun fact:

I like building tree houses