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Mikio Fujitsuka



Mikio Fujitsuka

Mikio Fujitsuka

Head of GCC

J&J Consumer Prod US

Why I'm a JPAL

1. Value of being close to entrepreneurs 2. Interested in having new problem-solving experiences as a business leader 3. Have coached and mentored so many professionals for their career within Johnson and Johnson and beyond, and would like to expand the context to business-first as those two are often intertwined.


Award-winning strategic and digital marketing professional with extensive experience leading large, nationwide marketing and sales teams in delivery of organizational objectives. Demonstrated wide variety of CPG category expertise and regulatory classifications. Track record of executing business development initiatives in acquisitions, divestitures, licensing deals, and branding. Proven success building, recruiting, and empowering teams by enabling autonomy, welcoming diverse skillsets, and aligning efforts with creative achievements and short and long-term financial goals.


Sometimes you get caught up in what's going on around you. The reality is that you are just a regular person. At some point, the career will be over, the bright lights turn off. That can come back to haunt you if you're not just a regular guy.

- Brett Favre

Fun fact:

I have a long bucket list (still adding) and have been aggressively crossing off recently :)