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Neli Karachorova-Aleksandrova



Neli Karachorova-Aleksandrova

Neli Karachorova-Aleksandrova

Clinical Leader

Actelion R&D CH

Why I'm a JPAL

I am genuinely interested in helping to shape the future of healthcare through mentorship of start-ups connecting innovations with unmet medical needs.


Neli has more than 15 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, including clinical development, medical, regulatory, and pharmacovigilance roles. Since 2016 Neli has served as the Global Head of Regional Medical Specialists (RMS) at Actelion. During that time, she built and managed a team of 10 Clinical Development RMSs to develop expertise in the therapeutic area, interact with clinical study sites, establish a strong and collaborative medical and scientific network of internationally recognized key opinion leaders, and develop study concepts to support the clinical development program of Ponesimod in multiple sclerosis. Added to her responsibilities in Clinical Science, in 2019 Neli assumed a dual role, one in Clinical Development leading the RMS group and a second as a Global Medical Affairs Lead MS at GCSO Neuroscience. Prior to her role at Actelion, Neli worked for Genzyme as Medical Director EMEA in MS for 4.5 years in the Netherlands, and for 2 years as Country Medical Director in Bulgaria. Prior to that, Neli was the Country Medical Affairs Lead for Schering-Plough CE AG, in Bulgaria and Regulatory Affairs Head for Bayer Bulgaria, where she also was the Local PV Qualified Person. Neli received her Medical degree from the Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of National World Economy in Bulgaria. She trained and worked as an Internist at the Municipal Hospital “Kostenec” in Bulgaria before joining the pharmaceutical industry. Neli has authored multiple manuscripts, abstracts, and posters. Neli is a passionate D&I leader and she has served as a WLI chapter leader at Actelion since 2018.


Fortune favors the bold.

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