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Orquidea Garcia

Orquidea Garcia

Research Fellow- Lead, 3D Bioprinting and Tissue Regen Technologies

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Why I'm a JPAL

I'm a JPAL because I'm passionate about helping enable the successful development of innovative and transformative technologies. Bringing these technologies to fruition, which have the potential to impact the trajectory of patient health care, requires a close partnership between regulators, academics, scientists, inventors, industry, clinicians and patients. Playing a role, however large or small, in advancing those partnerships, to potentially impact the trajectory of patient health care drives my work as a scientist and member of the JPAL ecosystem.


As a Johnson & Johnson Research Fellow and Lead for 3D Bioprinting and Tissue Regen Technologies, Orquidea (Orchid) Garcia is the technical lead for 3D bioprinting, and related tissue regen technology development. She is responsible for evaluation and execution of technical strategies and new technologies integration to develop a new class of next-generation healthcare solutions. Orchid works closely with internal business partners, as well as technology, academia and government partners to develop the CoE’s bioprinting capabilities.   


Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.

Sigmund Freud

Fun fact:

I am an avid scuba diver, and often plan holidays around my "bucket list" of dive locations.