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Pamela Simpkins

Senior Director, Strategic Leader, Pediatrics

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Why I'm a JPAL

I really enjoy helping innovators translate their ideas into products and services that make a meaningful impact on the healthcare ecosystem. My career has spanned business development, regulatory, strategy, R&D, competitive intelligence and finance and this allows me to unpack challenges from multiple view points. It also helps me advise others in the identification and implementation of workable solutions.


Senior biopharmaceutical business leader and patient advocate with 20+ years of experience leading global teams and collaborating with partners in academia and regulatory agencies to accelerate development and commercialization of new drugs, biologics and medical devices. Unique cross-biopharmaceutical perspective drawing upon work in R&D, Marketing, Strategy, Medical Affairs, Regulatory, Supply Chain, Legal and Finance. Adept at applying that knowledge across therapeutic areas, aiming to address unmet medical needs in special populations and across age groups. Recognized by regulatory authorities and trade associations for my ability to shape and interpret federal regulations, helping to realize intended benefits for patients. Prior to joining the biopharmaceutical industry, I was an institutional investor responsible for $1.3 billion in assets. Previous adjunct lecturer at the MBA level in innovation and entrepreneurship and current visiting lecturer in leadership courses. MBA, Harvard Business School.


"Begin with the end in mind."

- Covey

Fun fact:

I am fascinated by the Japanese language, tradition and culture; despite struggling through Japanese 101, I still aspire to be conversational!