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Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson

Compound Market Access Leader for Prostate Cancer-EMEA

Jan-Cil UK

Why I'm a JPAL

To the uninitiated, getting to grips with the nuts and bolts of market access can be quite daunting, even intimidating perhaps. Nevertheless it is a crucial part of getting medical innovations to patients, and over the past few decades, it's prominence (and complexity) has only increased. I've been fortunate to have success in the past with respect to "de-mystifying" the topic for non-specialists, and I would welcome the opportunity to do that in the future.


I'm a health economist by training, graduating with an MSc in Health Economics from the University of York in 2001. Since then I have worked in a variety of roles related to HEOR and market access, both in healthcare consultancy and in industry. Since 2013 I have worked exclusively at the regional level and I joined J&J in January 2017. My current role is Compound Market Access Leader for Prostate Cancer in the EMEA region.


"The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same."

- Steve Maraboli

Fun fact:

I have completed three Ironman triathlons and I'm hoping the fourth with be my last!