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Sabine Cazaux Maleville



Sabine Cazaux Maleville

Sabine Cazaux Maleville

Director, Supply Chain Customer Connectivity – Asia Pacific

Johnson and Johnson

Why I'm a JPAL

I discovered JLABS work during TAP Program in 2018 and loved the concept. I would like to contribute to the work Johnson and Johnson is doing to drive innovation in healthcare.


I have 20 years experience in Procurement and Supply Chain across food-service and Healthcare. I have been with JNJ for 11 years and I'm now in charge of Customer Experience for APAC.


"Work hard, play harder."

Fun fact:
11 Years ago, it took me 14 months to join Johnson and Johnson (From 1st Interview to 1st starting day). I had time to have a baby and maternity leave in between the 2 dates.