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Smruthi Vijayaraghavan

Smruthi Vijayaraghavan


Janssen R&D

Why I'm a JPAL

I see JLABS as a unique, one of a kind program that promotes and encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. Being a JPAL is the perfect opportunity to be a part of this initiative and help advance science and innovation. I have witnessed the growth of JLABS @ TMC Houston during my graduate school at MD Anderson and have been highly intrigued by this program since. Hence, being a JPAL will give me the chance to learn about new technology and work with entrepreneurs from different regions.


I obtained my Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center after which I joined Janssen in 2017 as a postdoctoral scientist and then transitioned as a Scientist in 2018. We identified a novel Fc-dependent mechanism of action for the EGFR-cMet duobody, JNJ-61186372 and I currently work on advancing enhanced Fc modality for multiple ST3 programs. In my current role, I also focus on new target identification and target validation for several pre-portfolio projects.


"Necessity is the mother of innovation / inventions."

Fun fact:

I enjoy long and destination less drives.