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Stefan Merkle



Merkle Stefan

Stefan Merkle

Senior Director, Sterility Assurance Janssen

Why I'm a JPAL

With more than 25 years of professional experience in Pharma, I'm eager to share my knowledge and expertise with start-ups and young professionals in order to bring our industry to the next level of performance for the benefit of our patients!


Expertise in pharmaceutical product development (CM&C), scale-up and technology transfer (all dosage forms). Clinical supplies manufacturing. Commercial manufacturing, facility design and start-up. Facility and supply chain management. New product launch management. Product life-cycle management. Technology, Innovation and Standardization. Sterility Assurance in pharmaceuticals.


"You see things happening and ask: why? I'm dreaming of things that never happened and ask: why not?"

Fun fact:

I'm co-owner and board member of an indoor climbing center and you may find me there cliff-hanging or hanging out in the bar