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Suchitra Basu



Suchitra Basu

Suchitra Basu

Global Regulatory Affairs Strategy Manager

DePuy Synthes

Why I'm a JPAL

Innovation in healthcare fuels up a new possibility everyday to revisit the question of how can we put patients first and how can we bring value to the patient. I am a JPAL because I want to witness this experience and be a part of supporting and sustaining innovation and business, and most importantly our patients.


I hold a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from University of Toledo, OH & a Post Doctoral Fellowship in Virology/Oncology. I also hold Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) for US. I am a proven scientist with Clinical and Regulatory experience for US and EU, and over 40 key countries including China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and Russia. Worked with Start-ups, Medium sized and Fortune 100 companies.


“What is now proved was once only imagined.”

William Blake

Fun fact:

I can read hands- Clairvoyant perhaps! And I also have never watched any horror movies.