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Ulrich Wuellner



Ulrich Wuellner

Ulrich Wuellner

Director, External Research, TPI

Janssen Pharmaceutical

Why I'm a JPAL

I have a genuine interest in scientific innovation and being a JPAL provides a unique opportunity to become involved in biotech startups


PhD. in Biochemistry (siRNA drug delivery). Postdoctoral research training in protein engineering and antibody discovery. Various industry positions of increasing responsibility within early Biotech/Pharma in the area of Bispecific antibody drug development. Currently, Director External Research TPI within Janssen DPDS (Discovery, Product Development and Supply) focusing on gene therapy and gene editing assets. Managing an active academic collaboration with the focus of developing new proprietary gene editing tools.


In god we trust, all others must bring data (FDA).

Success in research needs four Gs: Glück, Geduld, Geschick und Geld. Luck, patience, skill and money (Paul Ehrlich)

Fun fact:

My wife almost initiated a rescue mission when I was solo hiking across the Grand Canyon because we had a misunderstanding about when I would come out again