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12 Months at JLABS @ Shanghai: A Year of Firsts


Shanghai is a growing regional hub for Johnson & Johnson Innovation.


In June 2019, Johnson & Johnson Innovation in collaboration with the Shanghai Municipal Government, Pudong New Area Government, and Shanghai Pharma Engine Company, Ltd. opened JLABS @ Shanghai. JLABS @ Shanghai is one of 13 JLABS life science incubators in the world modeled with the aim to empower innovators and accelerate breakthrough healthcare solutions.

To celebrate its first anniversary, let’s look at some of the many “firsts” that made this a successful first year for the JLABS @ Shanghai team.


First JLABS life science incubator launched in Asia Pacific


JLABS @ Shanghai is the first JLABS life science incubator in the Asia Pacific and the largest in the world.


The state-of-the-art 4,400-square-meter facility is designed to accommodate more than 50 life science and healthcare start-ups.Shanghai is one of Asia’s leading centers for life science innovation and entrepreneurship. The city is also known for its impressive investment and support for biotechnology, innovation and healthcare. All these factors and the available talent pool make it a perfect location for a JLABS to serve the region.


I’m proud to be part of building an ecosystem that puts patients and consumers lives first.

Over the past year, we have supported entrepreneurs to remove barriers so that they can focus on their innovation. Our work has never been more important, and we are just getting started.


Sharon Chan

Head JLABS @ Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Innovation


Located in the heart of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai, JLABS @ Shanghai has already grown to be an important part of the city’s innovation ecosystem. The JLABS @ Shanghai team has hosted over 55 events, engaging more than 3500 science and commercialization experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and other ecosystem partners.








First JLABS @ Shanghai resident companies


In the first year, JLABS @ Shanghai opened its doors to over 40 resident companies, innovating across pharma, medical device, consumer, and digital health.




DNX, Insilico Medicine, HYKM, Holmusk, AsiaBiome, Aprinoia, Hepagene, NuoBeta, Maiden, CommBio, Bridge Biotherapeutics, Keyuan, BioSense, HighTide, Geneception, Multitude, Elixiron, Achelois

Medical Devices

Hawkeye, NE Scientific, Helios, SpineGuide, International Rehabilitation, Institute, LIVE2LIFE, Tuoxiao, NDR, Lifespans, Vigor, Analytics 4 Life, Xinguang


CosmoAesthetics, Metabonose, Inertia


To identify innovators and visionaries working on potentially disruptive solutions, JLABS @ Shanghai works closely with ecosystem partners, including research institutes and universities, and it also launches campaigns called QuickFire Challenges. One such campaign, the Lung Cancer Innovation QuickFire Challenge, was launched in 2018 to identify innovators working on potential solutions for preventing, intercepting, or curing lung cancer. The winning companies have since joined the JLABS @ Shanghai community.

The JLABS @ Shanghai resident companies are aiming to advance solutions in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, cardiovascular, and infectious diseases, focusing on science that addresses some of the most pressing healthcare needs.

Over the last year, we launched our JLABS Navigator to provide a real-time dashboard for detailed information on JLABS @ Shanghai and our 650+ global JLABS portfolio companies. Through the Navigator, customized reports can be developed based on sector, product stage, geography, and more.


First IPO and first “graduates”

In only one year, we saw companies grow, develop, and expand into new opportunities. One company to highlight is, Bridge Biotherapeutics which announced an initial public offering on the Korean Stock Exchange (KOSDAQ). Bridge Biotherapeutics’ mission is to develop therapeutics for the effective treatment of various autoimmune diseases such as IBD and psoriasis.

Over the past year, six JLABS @ SH resident companies have “graduated” and continued on to the next step in their innovation journey. A major part of JLABS’ success is its no-strings-attached model, which means entrepreneurs are free to develop their science while holding on to their intellectual property.


First USD 2.8B raised*

JLABS aims to provide an environment where scientists can focus on the science, while the JLABS cross-sector team takes care of the rest. This includes connecting residents to investors to support them in raising the funds necessary to develop their work. The JLABS @ Shanghai team facilitated more than 70 meetings and over 200 connections between resident companies and investors. In the first year, resident companies secured over USD 2.8 billion in financing and strategic relationships (secured and contingent).

In coordination with our One Year Anniversary, JLABS @ Shanghai will announce a new QuickFire Challenge together with Tmall. Please check our QuickFire Challenge page for updates!


First Reflections

As we reflect on this past year of growth and scientific achievement for many of our companies, our JLABS @ Shanghai and broader JLABS community came together as innovators and entrepreneurs when faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. JLABS exists to remove barriers for entrepreneurs so they can focus on the science and deliver life-changing and life-enhancing health and wellness solutions to patients around the world. Throughout the pandemic, we remained focused on our mission. At JLABS it’s clear, no matter the challenge, we won’t stop innovating!

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