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Advice for the San Diego Entrepreneur


We sat down with Sanjay Mistry, the new Head of JLABS @ San Diego, to hear his advice to the San Diego life science entrepreneur and what he looks forward to doing in his new role.

Sanjay Mistry


Q: As a startup, venture, and pharma veteran, what advice would you have to the San Diego Life Science entrepreneur and JLABS residents?

A: Building motivation to take the risk to pursue your innovation can be one of the hardest yet most rewarding challenges to initially overcome. Upon pursuit, focus the passion and belief into converting your innovations into technical and translational progress that can influence the minds of investors and prospective partners. In parallel you must recruit top talent, establish a rock–solid IP position, develop the science and have a commercial perspective that will enable market disruption and penetration. Above all, be open to learning along the journey, connecting and building collaborations and keep rising to the challenges that lay ahead!

Q: What about your new role excites you most?

A: Many things excite me about walking into one of the premier life science start–up incubators in San Diego County, the level of innovation that is born out of the top tier local institutions is just amazing and continues to foster the next wave of disruptive start–ups. More so, these healthcare innovations are attracting global capital investors to the region which is a testament to the inventors and entrepreneurial teams. Within JLABS itself, the robust operations enable companies to establish, focus on the science and scale themselves towards growth that benefits the local economy and job market. Overall, I'm humbled by the opportunity to work with the team and the entrepreneurs that are striving to bring these healthcare solutions to patients.


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