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Biocartis Raises €64.5 Million


New technologies in the form of sophisticated molecular diagnostic tools are needed to advance the era of personalized medicine –the customization of healthcare based on molecular analysis so that clinical decisions and products can be tailored to the individual patient.
As part of our interest in advance these promising technologies, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation has been a strategic investor in Biocartis since 2010.  Biocartis is a Belgium-based company developing molecular diagnostic tools to be used in a variety of healthcare settings.  Our colleagues at Janssen Diagnostics have a longstanding collaboration with the company to develop their platform in the areas of neuroscience and certain infectious / viral diseases.
Today we are happy to be participating in a new round of fundraising that will be used to support the commercial launch of Biocartis’ Idylla™ system.  
The Idylla platform is a point-of-care diagnostic tool designed to detect and quantify multiple DNA or RNA-based biomarkers in a variety of patient sample types.  Our collaboration around this platform is in keeping with Janssen Diagnostics interest in improving outcomes for patients through the use of technologies that make clinical information available to healthcare providers and patients to make better informed treatment decisions.
We believe innovation in healthcare is fundamentally about advances that make a difference to patient care whether these advances come in the form of new medicines, new medical devices, or new technologies that support clinical decision making.  It is our privilege to work with companies and entrepreneurs around the world who share our commitment to improve patient care.