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Celebrating Success and Looking Toward the Future at JLABS


During the past six years of JLABS’ existence, we’ve watched – and helped – many entrepreneurs realize their dreams of developing their companies and watched them move their science forward. All-in-all, our residents and alumni have raised more than $10 billion in funding, signed more than 85 deals with the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, while pursuing solutions to improve patient and consumer health (Read more in our Impact Report).


At the JLABS Alumni Event, we continue to celebrate their successes, while keeping an eye out for the potential next big thing. Below are a few companies currently in the JLABS ecosystem that have caught the attention of four JLABS incubator site leaders: 


                                                           Allan Miranda, Head of JLABS @ Toronto:

“I am excited by Phenomic AI. This company recently joined JLABS @ Toronto, and has an AI deep-learning approach coupled to phenotypic screens and biology expertise. The combination provides Phenomic with a unique opportunity to identify targets and design ligands in an iterative process. This company’s approach to drug discovery and their entrepreneurial spirit embody all the things that make JLABS such a great environment.”




                                                                 Lesley Stolz, Head of JLABS @ SSF:

“Imagine a world where someone can get an infusion of genetically engineered cell therapy when they are young that can be turned on only when needed and when not needed, is harmlessly living in the person’s body. This is the world of on-demand personal cellular care where the treatment is defined by a small molecule drug that will trigger the dormant living cellular therapy to turn on the treatment that is desired. Sound like science fiction? With the cellular control mechanisms that Chimera Bioengineering is developing in its laboratory at JLABS @ SSF, Chimera is trying to make it a reality."




                                                             Kara Bortone, Head of JLABS @ San Diego:

 “We have several companies out of San Diego that I’m excited about. Lin Bioscience and DTx Pharma are both focused on back of the eye diseases with high unmet need like AMD and diabetic retinopathy. Dermala is literally thinking outside the box by complementing their microbiome-derived skin products with gut microbiome health and digital technologies. And Persephone is challenging the status quo with its work on a microbiome co-therapy with the intent of transforming the 80 percent of immune-oncology non-responders into responders.”



                                                                    Tom Luby, Head of JLABS @ TMC:

“I was really inspired by a video HighDrive TV produced on one of our companies in Houston, HOOBOX. Here’s how they described the company -

“Two years ago Paulo Pinheiro saw a girl in a wheelchair with an unforgettable smile and decided then he had to translate that smile into commands to control her motorized wheelchair. Today, his company, HOOBOX is improving autonomy and mobility for the physically challenged through facial expressions.”