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New Collaboration Model Gives Entrepreneurs and Transformational Asset Owners an Edge


The early stages of innovation can be highly dynamic, full of unseen risk, and financially challenging. With this in mind, Johnson & Johnson Innovation has established a new collaboration model in Asia Pacific that could provide an even greater edge to entrepreneurs and asset owners. Johnson & Johnson Innovation has launched a strategic alliance with WuXi AppTec that will enable us to identify and match assets and scientific entrepreneurs more quickly and efficiently in the Asia Pacific and across the world.
WuXi AppTec is a leading R&D organization with an open-access capability and technology platform, major presence in China and the US, and a well-established venture investment arm, WuXi Healthcare Venture Fund. We are collaborating to help develop an innovation ecosystem aimed at advancing new healthcare products and services throughout China and the world. The ecosystem will integrate transformational science, scientific entrepreneurs and technical R&D capabilities with the help of local talent, government, infrastructure and capital.
How will it work? Johnson & Johnson Innovation and WuXi Healthcare Venture Fund will jointly incubate and sustain new development companies. The process starts with identifying and pairing scientific entrepreneurs with relevant assets, as well as providing them with licensing assistance and new company incorporation assistance to ensure a safe and protected research platform. Together, Johnson & Johnson Innovation and WuXi Healthcare Venture Fund will assess new opportunities, source capital investment opportunities and empower entrepreneurs to set up asset-centric companies geared towards developing new products for the global pipeline.
The assets Johnson & Johnson Innovation is looking to invest in must be truly transformational. We expect to identify them from a variety of sources including our network of regional Innovation Centers in Asia Pacific, Boston, California and London, and the broader network of contacts from both the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies and WuXi AppTec.
We are looking for entrepreneurs with sector and development experience, a well-established network, and the conviction and passion to drive their ideas into production. We anticipate appointing several “Entrepreneurs in Residence” (EIR), and match them with relevant sector assets that will support the growth of asset-centric companies.
EIRs and the new development companies will have the opportunity to tap into the rich resources and scientific capabilities of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, as well as those of WuXi AppTec. By doing so, we will support the creation and execution of quality development plans and the advancement of transformational products in the focus areas of consumer health and wellbeing, pharmaceuticals and medical devices and diagnostics.
Why do we believe this strategic collaboration will work? Primarily because we think it’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain a considerable competitive advantage from the range of scientific and technical R&D expertise, development know-how, transactional and legal counseling of Johnson & Johnson Innovation and WuXi AppTec.
Turning research into viable new products requires the support of a vibrant and cohesive innovation ecosystem. We are working to advance exciting new ideas and pair entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to realize their dreams in bringing forth innovative new technology to address the world’s most pressing healthcare needs.
If you have what we are looking for, or know someone who does, we want to hear from you.  
Dong Wu, Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Asia Pacific Innovation Center. Email: [email protected], mobile: +86 139 0194 8775
Jimmy Zhang, PhD, MBA, Vice President, Transactions, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Asia Pacific Innovation Center. Email: [email protected], mobile +86 13810007959.