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Collaboration with Modern Biosciences to advance the development of novel compounds for RA


Affecting around 165 million people worldwide, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic, immune-related disease causing inflammation in the joints that can lead to severe pain, swelling and stiffness. RA can be life-altering, as progressive erosion of the joints over time can hinder everyday activities and in some cases lead to long-term disability.
As part of our immunology and rheumatology therapeutic focus areas and continued commitment to advance new treatments for RA, Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Janssen Biotech, Inc. have recently entered into a collaboration with drug development company, Modern Biosciences PLC (MBS). As part of the collaboration, we will provide funding and other types of support to drive forward the development of a novel series of compounds for the treatment of RA.
MBS is developing small orally administered molecules which are different from other treatments currently available. They work by a novel, not yet fully elucidated, mode of action involving the inhibition of osteoclast function combined with anti-inflammatory properties. Through this unique mechanism these molecules not only have potential to limit bone damage, but also control swelling and pain associated with inflammation.
To further the understanding of the molecular mechanism of action and assess its therapeutic potential and safety profile, our experts from the Janssen Discovery Sciences organization will further support the collaboration by designing and implementing a comprehensive target identification strategy, including cellular profiling, chemogenomics, transcriptional profiling and other techniques.
This exciting collaboration, combining scientific and technical resources from different partners towards a single common goal, represents a step towards new options for improving the health of individuals where the burden of disease is substantial.
Through these and other types of external collaborations, Johnson & Johnson Innovation continues to work closely with innovators throughout their journey in drug discovery and development to positively impact human health.