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Great Minds Meet at the JLABS CEO Summit


The most innovative minds in life sciences and business will descend upon beautiful La Jolla, CA this Tuesday and Wednesday for the 2nd annual JLABS CEO Summit. Over 330 attendees, including JLABS resident and alumni CEOs from around the globe, investors and internal Johnson & Johnson executives and mentors (called JPALS), will unite to share ideas and insights at this exclusive gathering of the JLABS community.

Attendance is up 35% from last year, and we are very excited to see what’s going to happen when you get all these bold and innovative leaders under the same roof rubbing elbows and sharing ideas.

No doubt more than a few game-changing plans will be plotted and hatched when these minds come together.

The Summit aligns perfectly with JLABS’ mission to provide our residents with the tools they need to take their visionary ideas from the drawing board to the market quickly. Naturally, these tools include things like equipment and labs, but also crucial intangibles that can make or break a young startup.

This includes things like easy access to J&J’s vast roster of life sciences experts as well as business specialists to help them avoid common pitfalls and navigate life science’s sometime tricky regulatory waters. Perhaps most importantly, we connect these brilliant minds with each other and step back to watch what becomes of it.

This happens every day in each one of the 12 (including one on the way) global JLABS locations, but it’s only at the CEO Summit where they all come together in one place.

At this Summit, a wide spectrum of Johnson & Johnson’s network and industry leaders will come together to give residents two days of unprecedented access to the expertise and services. In addition to the receptions, meals, breakaway sessions, and meetups with Johnson & Johnson colleagues, there will be illuminating talks and panel discussions devoted to the future of life sciences and business.

To just name of few of the planned sessions, our global head, Melinda Richter, will interview Joseph Payne, the CEO Arcturus Therapeutics, a JLABS alumni addressing diseases with high unmet medical needs by developing cutting-edge RNA medicines. Nick Galli, the VP of Business Development for Denali Therapeutics, will present a case study on the pioneering work his company is doing to defeat neurodegenerative disease. Rick Bright of BARDA, Ayub Khattak of Cue Health and Angela Specht of Johnson & Johnson will sit in on a panel discussion on Tackling the World’s Biggest Health Problems.

In the final panel of the Summit, aptly named Futurists Predict, our panelists will break out their crystal balls to gaze beyond the cutting edge of life sciences and business to discuss what comes next. In it, the moderator Allan Miranda of JLABS @ Toronto and a panel made up of Stacy Feld of Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JJDC, Amir Kalali, Quyen Nguyen of Alume Biosciences and Mike Rea of IDEA Pharma, will explore the biggest opportunities of the next 5-10 years as well as what companies will need to do to take advantage of them.

Of course, the most important exchanges at this Summit will be happening off-stage and spontaneously between JLABS residents, investors, business leaders and industry experts. This will be fertile ground for new ideas to come together and to create something new and truly transformative.

This year’s JLABS CEO Summit is going to be about anticipating the future, but the beautiful irony is the potential it has to shape the future. Because great minds don’t wait – they make it happen.