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Hunting for Emerging Consumer Innovation

The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies are uniquely positioned to help bring innovative ideas to life, and Johnson & Johnson Innovation has the opportunity to identify and facilitate innovations across consumer, pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors.
We recently chatted with Stacy Feld, senior consumer scientific lead, at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, California about hot areas in consumer healthcare innovation today, how to catch her attention and the future of technology solutions, life sciences and consumer products.
Stacy, what areas of consumer innovation would you say are of most interest, either to you personally or Johnson & Johnson in general?
As we think about innovation, we’re looking through the lens of our highest priority consumer need states, including oral care, our over-the-counter business currently focused on respiratory health, pain and digestive health, baby care and beauty.  One rapidly emerging area that is especially fascinating is the microbiome, and how it is relevant across so many of our consumer need states. I am also tracking the field of sensors and monitoring solutions and engaging with entrepreneurs that are developing these platforms, which could provide deep consumer insights and a path toward providing consumers with an enhanced, more personalized experience.  Overall, we are aiming to transform consumers’ relationship to our products from one that is transactional in nature to an experience that is engaging, personalized and provides an integrated solution.  
What is the best way for entrepreneurs to catch your attention?
What catches my attention is a combination of entrepreneurial passion, relevant expertise and a differentiated strategy, as well as how collaborating with Johnson & Johnson would help achieve their key goals.
What do you think the consumer health space will look like in 5 years? 10 years?
Today, the consumer health ecosystem largely exists in parallel to our healthcare system, with increasing examples where the two are converging.   In the future, we can expect that the boundaries between these two systems will blur and they will become more deeply integrated. A key enabler of that integration is a consumer-centric approach putting the needs of consumers first and leveraging technology solutions that are delightful, simple and personalized to fuel that integration.
Is there a specific area of consumer health that you find really exciting?
I am really interested and impressed by the degree of innovation being introduced and adopted in the maternal health and infant care sectors. Women are such a unique consumer target as they drive 80 percent of health decisions in their families, yet they are underserved in the traditional healthcare environment. Women and our behavioral and emotional drivers for purchasing are critical to any strategy when thinking about bringing innovations to the consumer health market.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I have a three and a half year-old son, so I spend a lot of time reading books, doing art projects with pipe cleaners, dried pasta and feathers and chasing my son on his scooter on the way to the farmer’s market.