Charlotte Davis
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Charlotte Davis

Charlotte Davis

Chimera Bioengineering


Why did you choose science as a career?

I am fascinated by our bodies and how they work, especially when they are working incorrectly. I love that science is magical and confusing, and there is always more to learn. At work, I feel ike a badass Nancy Drew scientist, crime fighting/problem solving my way towards cancer's destruction.

Why are you passionate about what you're working on?

I believe our bodies are wise and powerful beyond the realm of our current understanding and engineering our immune system to maximize it's inherent healing abilities to kill cancer cells, is the most practical yet prodigious path to fighting cancer that we have yet found. Also, cancer sucks(!) and if I can use my brain, in conjunction with our amazing team, to help restore dignity and longevity to cancer patients, why do anything else?!

What is one piece of advice you’d give to young women in the life science sector?

Keep going! Keep learning! Keep growing! Join us badass science babes - the nerd life is the good life!