Kimberlie L. Cerrone
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Kimberlie L. Cerrone

Kimberlie L. Cerrone
Founder & CEO



What is the problem you're trying to solve?

Over 36 million Americans who have a treatable mental illness will not get the care they need this year. This is true even though there is a safe and effective treatment for the most common mental illnesses that has an 80% complete and sustained recovery rate.It is called cognitive behavioral therapy plus, or CBT+. CBT+ is the preferred, evidence-based standard of psychiatric care in the U.S. and around the world for depression, anxiety, trauma, panic disorder, and other common, costly, and debilitating mental illnesses; substance abuse and addiction; pain management; obesity; and insomnia. The problem is not that we don't know how to treat the most common mental illnesses. We do. The problem is access to treatment. Tens of millions of Americans are not able to access this safe and highly effective treatment.

How is what you're doing different than other attempts to solve this problem?

Tiatros offers safe and affordable, expert CBT+ group psychotherapy programs inside HIPAA compliant private social networks, where patients learn CBT+ skills and practice them with others who have similar health challenges and goals. Tiatros captures the unstructured data contained in psychiatric evaluations, patient narratives and interactions, preserving their clinical richness for the first time. My colleagues and I are working with leading cognitive computing and AI vendors to revolutionize the delivery of psychotherapy.

Why are you passionate about what you're working on?

I founded Tiatros after my sons came home from military service with PTSD. I saw that they both needed the community and support of other veterans. The only people that they would share their stories with were other veterans, who shared their military values and understood their stories because they had also served.My “aha” was that healing is a social activity – that the therapeutic power of peer groups to support healthy behaviors and to improve patient compliance could be harnessed using social media-styled tools inside secure private social networks. That led me to found Tiatros. 

What achievement are you most proud of?

My colleagues and I are proud that our solution has already helped hundreds of veterans recover from combat- and sexual assault-related trauma. We're working very hard to introduce Tiatros' new delivery modality for CBT+ therapy to tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of people around the works who can live better lives because they can get the treatment they need for curable mental illnesses.

Why did you choose science as a career?

I chose science because a long time ago I had two high school teachers that encouraged my talent in math and physics even though I was the only girl in my class that enrolled for calculus and advanced physics. They changed the course of my life.

Why are you passionate about what you're working on?

Over 30 million Americans with treatable mental illness are not able to access effective and affordable treatment. Tiatros' mission is to make the evidence-based treatment for the most common mental illnesses available to anyone that needs it.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to young women in the life science sector?

Apply your time and energy on a problem that you care deeply about.