Lada Rasochova
Women enabling science to reach the people who need it

Lada Rasochova

Lada Rasochova

Dermala Inc.

JLABS @ San Diego

What is the problem you're trying to solve?

Human microbiome plays an important role in health and disease. At Dermala, we use the human microbiome to develop better treatments for skin diseases and design new products that improve skin health.

How is what you're doing different than other attempts to solve this problem?

Traditional approaches do not work very well, have unpleasant side effects and do not solve disease recurrence. We develop treatments that deliver better outcomes and lasting results without the side effects associated with traditional therapies. Our products are inspired by nature and backed by science and data.              

Why are you passionate about what you're working on?

Skin problems often affect confidence and self-esteem. Human microbiome represents an untapped reservoir of compounds that can improve many skin conditions, from acne in teenagers to eczema or even fine lines in middle age. Our approach is differentiated and can positively impact billions of people around the world.

What achievement are you most proud of?

Developing a microbiome-based treatment for acne from a concept to product launch-ready.