Sasha Lazetic
Women enabling science to reach the people who need it

Sasha Lazetic

Sasha Lazetic
Assoc. Director R&D

Nkarta Inc.


Why did you choose science as a career?

I was looking for both a rigorous system that answered questions in a structured, rational and impartial manner. I was also curious about what biologically goes on inside my and my family's bodies…

Why are you passionate about what you're working on?

I have had a number of family members and friends die of cancer and society sits on the cusp of generating life changing therapies for cancer - an exciting time in the field. I also love solving puzzles!

What is one piece of advice you’d give to young women in the life science sector?

Accept that in a biological field you will spend most of your time answering questions with negative data. Learn to appreciate those Aha! moments when they happen - they'll be memories that will last a lifetime.