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JJDC participates in launch of Inivata – a company focused on innovative “liquid biopsy” technology aimed at transforming cancer treatment.


Technological advances with the potential to support more informed clinical decisions are vitally important. In the clinical management of cancer, such developments have helped to pave the way towards more personalized approaches to care and ultimately, the opportunity to make a significant impact on the health of patients.
Today, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (JJDC) is pleased to be a part of a £4 million fundraising launch for the diagnostic cancer genomics company, Inivata, a new company being formed as a spin out from the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, CRUK CI.  Based on the research of leading computational biologist Dr Nitzan Rosenfeld, Inivata focuses on harnessing the potential of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) analysis to improve the testing and treatment of solid tumours.  
Through partnerships with leading oncologists in academia and industry, Inivata has developed a proprietary, enhanced TAm-Seq™ technology – an exciting advance that tracks changes in solid tumours - such as lung tumours – which can be particularly hard to monitor, through analysis of tiny amounts of tumour DNA circulating in a patient’s blood.
This type of technology could provide a new and important tool that can further inform treatment options during the course of an illness. Transformative cancer detection and monitoring technologies like these, which permit a new genetic understanding of cancer cells and how they evolve, provide the possibility of delivering tailored, more effective treatments and adapting those treatment regimens over time.
JJDC invests in areas that are aligned with the core business focus of the operating companies of Johnson & Johnson. Enabling better strategies to intercept and inform treatment decisions in cancer is a key area of interest in oncology for Janssen Diagnostics, which is part of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.
Whether in early stage development or clinical proof of concept, we believe in technologies and ideas that have the potential not just to advance healthcare, but transform it. It is with pride that we are able to provide a part of the funding, along with Imperial Innovations and Cambridge Innovation Capital, to support Inivata’s advances in cancer care that may improve peoples’ lives around the world.