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Meet JLABS @ NYC Resident CJ Wilson, CEO/Founder MyHealth.Us



CJ Wilson

We caught up with JLABS @ NYC Resident CEO, CJ Wilson, to hear about his advice to entrepreneurs:

What DON’T you do, so that you can prioritize the important stuff?

Time is precious for a digital emergency care company with clients in need, so I need to avoid saying “yes” to anything that distracts from our mission today. Personally, that means constantly looking to the team to reinforce decisions or correct them quickly if I forget.

As a CEO, what’s your advice for anyone who wants to launch a startup?

Be fearless and flexible. Most folks have a great plan, and plenty of passion, but stuff happens. Resources are often limited. Changes have to get made. So skip the worry. Make the changes and move forward with confidence!

How has being a resident of JLABS @ NYC helped you advance your company?

Whether in person or virtual, the reputation of JLABS helps open doors, but the best value comes from meeting seasoned professionals from every part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies with invaluable advice on making your business relevant not just for today, but for the long term. Priceless.

What are you reading, listening, or watching that you would recommend?

The Art of Human Care for Covid-19 just published by our CMO Dr Hassan Tetteh. We all make the world better through healing and preventive care. The challenges have never been bigger. But embracing the human side of care and care delivery is just as important as other areas if we want to succeed on a large scale.

MyHealth.US empowers users with easy-to-use wearables and data access to help them manage their health, get better care, reduce costs, be prepared for emergencies and access preventive and predictive care solutions. Connect with CJ on LinkedIn to learn more about his company!