Meet JLABS @ San Diego Resident Stephanie Culler, PhD Co-Founder and CEO Persephone Biosciences, Inc.


We caught up with JLABS @ San Diego Resident CEO, Stephanie Culler, PhD to hear about her startup:

What DON’T you do, so that you can prioritize the important stuff?

  • As a technical co-founder it has been hard, but necessary for running the business, to not be involved in the day to day planning and execution of our experimental efforts. 

 As a CEO, what’s your advice for a researcher who wants to launch a startup?

  • Find a mentor that has been an entrepreneur in your field and join an accelerator like Y Combinator to help guide the launch and early stage growth of your company.

How has being a resident of JLABS @ San Diego helped you advance your company?

  • Incredibly enabling! The resources available at JLABS allowed us to hit the ground running the first week we moved in and the mentorship provided over the last few years has been instrumental in the growth of our business.

 What are you reading, listening, or watching that you would recommend?

  • As a microbiome scientist I am truly fascinated by the role of gut microbiomes and human health. Towards that I have been reading and highly recommend, “Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues” by Martin Blaser.

Catch Stephanie take a deeper dive into the science going on at Persephone Biosciences, Inc. in her fireside chat 06/30. Or Look out for it on demand!