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Meet the Resident: Spring Behrouz, PhD; CEO, Vincere Biosciences


Learn more about JPOD Boston and JLABS @ LabCentral Resident Spring Behrouz, PhD; CEO, Vincere Biosciences in this Q&A:

What DON’T you do, so that you can prioritize the important stuff?

At work I classify my to do list items as Important, urgent, or both. Items that don't fall into any of those categories are immediately deleted from the list. I also try to minimize or outsource most repetitive or household work. At home, we cook very simple meals, which tend to be better for you anyway. I also do all of my shopping online which saves me a lot of time. I've basically stopped watching sports since becoming an entrepreneur, which sort of kills me during basketball season since my Spartans usually dominate.

As a CEO, what’s your advice for a researcher who wants to launch a startup?

The sooner you get started, the more quickly you'll get the beginner's mistakes out of the way and start feeling comfortable. I think as educated people we are used to 'being taught' but entrepreneurship is a lot more trial and error. So just start doing, be flexible, and work hard. I would also advise that you make sure you are getting into something you love - because when the times get tough (and they will), your love for what you do keeps you going.

How has being a resident of JPOD Boston helped you advance your company?

I have learned an immense amount from the trials and tribulations of other JPOD companies in our cohort. I think that has been the most valuable part. The resources and connections that come with it are a good secondary benefit.

What are you reading, listening, or watching that you would recommend? 

I read a lot of autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs, some of them are quite old but still very relevant. I find it helps me appreciate how each unique style can help create an advantageous position for the particular entrepreneur. I would recommend "The hard thing about hard things" by Horowitz, "The Virgin way" by Branson, "My inventions" by Tesla, and "Made in America" by Walton. I also love science fiction because it pushes the barriers of what we think of as 'possible' and gives me a break by immersing me in a different world.