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Open for Innovation: JLABS @ Shanghai Introduces Its Resident Life Science Start-Ups

Asia Pacific skyline
JLABS @ Shanghai Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Last month, Johnson & Johnson Innovation opened the doors of its first JLABS in Asia Pacific and largest globally. At the center of JLABS @ Shanghai are the entrepreneurs and resident companies that now occupy our 4,400-square-meter campus. They embody the heart and soul of our mission, eager to collaborate, innovate and push the boundaries of science and research so that together, we help support them to develop next-generation healthcare solutions aiming to solve many of the world’s greatest healthcare challenges.

Today, we have some of the region’s top innovators, disruptors and dreamers under one roof. Since our opening, JLABS @ Shanghai has been buzzing with anticipation for the onboarding of our newest resident start-up companies who will fill our labs, halls and office spaces daily with their novel ideas, hard work and boundless creativity. In case you missed it, we shared this video as part of our grand opening celebration that speaks to our vision for JLABS @ Shanghai.

To reinforce the sentiment that Melinda Richter, Global Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS shared at the Grand Opening celebration: “We can’t identify and nurture the best science to transform how diseases are cured, prevented and intercepted for the 1.4 billion people in China without being right here, working hand-in-hand with the right collaborators .”

Who makes up this first-in-class collection of residents? Companies that have identified a significant market or area of unmet medical need for consumer health, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health platforms.

In fact, our new location in Shanghai presents a pathway for our existing JLABS network companies to establish a presence in the growing China market. Current JLABS residents in the U.S., Canada and Europe, including Holmusk from JLABS @ NYC , Analytics for Life Inc. (A4L) from JLABS @ Toronto , and Octimet from JLABS @ BE , are joining JLABS alumni Achelois Pharmaceuticals from JLABS @ SSF and Bridge Biotherapeutics Inc from JLABS @ TMC to jumpstart their research and businesses in China by establishing their residencies right here in the heart of Shanghai. These companies will be continuing their diverse range of work focused on advancing data-driven medicine, precision oncology, and cell therapy as well as treatments related to transdermal pain and autoimmune disorders.


Lung Cancer Innovation QuickFire Challenge award recipients

We’re also proud to have the three awardees of our Lung Cancer Innovation QuickFire Challenge as part of the inaugural group of Shanghai residents. It was in June 2018 that we launched this Challenge to identify the best ideas, technologies, or solutions aimed at preventing, intercepting or curing lung cancer. Congratulations again to DNX Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. , Hawkeye Bio and NE Scientific LLC ! The awardees earned a total of $750,000 in grant funding, one-year residency at JLABS @ Shanghai, and mentoring from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.

Thirty one companies signed up to join JLABS @ Shanghai for our grand opening  and this is just the beginning! JLABS @ Shanghai can house more than 50 start-up companies. Let me introduce you to our pioneering group of innovators calling JLABS @ Shanghai their new home and provide a quick snapshot of the ground-breaking science that they’re working to advance:

  • Achelois Pharmaceuticals - Focuses on the development of T cell medicine for solid tumor.
  • Analytics For Life Inc . - Utilizes non-invasive AI machine-learning solutions to assess and diagnose diseases such as coronary artery diseases.
  • Aprinoia Therapeutics - Focuses on developing novel therapeutics and imaging-based diagnostics for neurodegenerative diseases.
  • AsiaBiome - A platform technology for the discovery and development of live bio-therapeutic drugs based on exclusive access to microbiome data and samples in Asia.
  • Beijing Syngentech - Pioneers Synthetic-Biology based live therapeutics, “programmed” to harness the immune system and fight cancers.
  • BioSense Suzhou Ltd .- Focuses on discovering novel kinase inhibitors (KI) based upon the proven functional scaffolds of potent natural KIs.
  • Black Ceramic Medical Technology - Focuses on the research and development of upmarket silicon nitride ceramic joint implants.
  • Bridge Biotherapeutics Inc .- Develops therapeutics for the effective treatment of various autoimmune diseases such as ulcerative colitis and fibrotic diseases.
  • ChemSun (Cayman) - Discovers and develops new innovative next-generation antibody-based drugs for lung cancer.
  • Corestone Biosciences - Focuses on innovative medical devices on non-invasive respiratory monitoring and continuous nerve blocking catheter for acute pain management in surgery.
  • DNX Biopharmaceuticals, Inc .- Uses PASylation® half-life extension and sustained-action technology for Rare Orphan Disease-Related Cancers (Liver, Breast, Melanoma) and Systemic Autoinflammatory Diseases (“SAIDs”).
  • Hawkeye Bio - Provides a non-invasive breath test for the early detection of lung cancer.
  • Helios Bioelectronics - A semiconductor-based diagnostic platform with AI and cloud computing capabilities.
  • Hepagene Therapeutics (Shanghai), Inc - Discovers, develops and delivers innovative medicines that help patients with liver diseases.
  • HighTide Therapeutics - Focuses on the development of novel therapeutics for liver, gastrointestinal, and metabolic diseases.
  • Holmusk - A data science and digital therapeutics company establishing objective evidence as a core utility to the treatment of mental health and chronic diseases.
  • Inertia Biotechnology - Develops a direct-to-consumer skin test kit to help users understand their skin and choose suitable skin care routines.
  • Jiangsu Nuo-Beta Pharmaceutical Technology - Focuses on treating Alzheimer's Disease by facilitating cellular release of beta amyloid 42 via inhibition of PI4KIIIa.
  • Lifespans Limited - Develops proprietary approaches to making implants safer and more effective when repairing broken bones in elderly patients.
  • LIVE2LIFE - Develops an open cloud platform, [email protected], to index, analyze and exchange all surgical intervention related data. The platform applies AI and blockchain to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of critical health deliveries.
  • Maiden Therapeutics - Developing a drug discovery platform utilizing the human milk microbiome to discover drug-like molecules
  • Metabonose - Focuses on integrating personalized nutrition into daily gut microbiota eubiosis management.
  • mSENSE - Develops and provides intelligent and professional health management solutions.
  • NE Scientific - Develops novel surgical guidance software that helps physicians in achieving significantly improved outcomes in the ablation of tumors.
  • Octimet - Develops a family of selective MET kinase inhibitors.
  • Santai Biotech - Develops 3D printing directly on the surface of skin in trauma in situ to help rebuild wounds.
  • Shanghai Tuoxiao Intelligent Technology Co. - Focuses on the development of congenital heart disease screening-related equipment and systems using digital stethoscope and AI.
  • SpineGuide Technologies - Is developing an implant for Idiopathic Scoliosis designed to provide correction and maintain the growth of the spine at the same time.
  • Vigor Medical Systems - A device and digital health platform that focuses on diagnosing and managing chronic respiratory disease.
  • Xinguang - Focuses on the treatment of metabolic disorders such as alcohol poisoning and gout, with a combination of liposome or chitosan-encapsulated multi-enzymes.

Welcome to the Johnson & Johnson Innovation family! Thank you for your dedication to try and help improve the lives of people and communities worldwide. We support you and look forward to your next potential breakthroughs and contributions to our growing healthcare innovation ecosystem.