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A sneak peek into the JLABS @ Shanghai community 专访 | JLABS @ 上海入驻企业Maiden Therapeutics及华药康明生物药业


JLABS @ Shanghai is one of 13 life science incubators around the world designed by Johnson & Johnson Innovation with the aim to help life science entrepreneurs accelerate breakthrough healthcare innovation. JLABS @ Shanghai is the first and only JLABS incubator in the region, providing a community where like-minded start-ups can grow with the support of a network of multidisciplinary experts at Johnson & Johnson. It currently houses 40 companies that aim to innovate in consumer health, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

JLABS @ 上海是强生创新全球 13 家生命科学孵化器之一,也是强生创新为帮助生命科学领域的初创企业加速开发突破性医疗创新而设计。这是亚太首家,也是唯一一家 JLABS 孵化器。在强生多学科专家关系网络的支持下,我们为志趣相投的初创企业提供成长的空间。目前, JLABS @ 上海已吸引了 40 家来自消费者健康、医疗器材和制药领域的初创公司入驻。

To hear about the benefits of being part of the JLABS community, we sat down with leaders of two of JLABS @ Shanghai’s first resident companies, Damien Keogh, CEO of Maiden Therapeutics, and Lufei Zhang, Co-founder of HYKM BioPharm.

为深入了解加入 JLABS 的好处,我们与首批入驻 JLABS @ 上海的两家企业领导人进行了对话。他们分别是 Maiden Therapeutics 的首席执行官 Damien Keogh 和华药康明生物药业( HYKM BioPharm )的联合创始人张璐绯。

Damien Keogh


Lufei Zhang

Damien Keogh,

CEO of Maiden Therapeutics


Lufei Zhang,

Co-founder of HYKM BioPharm



What is the inspiration behind your company and what do you hope to achieve?


Maiden Therapeutics


Our technology, the Human Microbiome MedicinesTM discovery platform, uses the human milk microbiome as a source for discovery.  This microbiome has been associated with disease risk reduction across several categories. To date, Asian microbiomes have been vastly underrepresented in microbiome studies [i] , so to bridge this gap, we are using milk from Asian mothers as our primary source. We have been focusing our early resources on a cancer target and now Maiden is poised to expand its target pipeline and scale the technology. The patient’s unmet medical needs really are at the heart of our drug discovery process.
人类微生物组药物 TM 发现平台是我们的核心技术,使用人乳微生物作为药物发现的来源,该微生物组也可以降低多种类别疾病的患病风险。目前,亚洲微生物在微生物研究中的价值被大大低估了 1 。为了填补这一空缺,我们将亚洲妈妈的母乳作为药物发现的主要来源。我们一直将早期资源集中在治愈靶点上,现在, Maiden 已准备好扩大目标疗法及技术规模,致力于满足患者未被满足的医疗需求。这正是我们研发药物的核心理念。


HYKM Biopharm


We are an early-stage biotech company with a focus on oncolytic virus-based therapies for cancer treatment. It is an emerging form of immunotherapy that has the potential to become standard of care in oncology. Patients who do not respond well to immunotherapy tend to have ‘immunologically cold tumors’, and oncolytic viruses help turn those cold (non-responsive) tumors into hot (responsive) ones, improving the outcomes of the overall treatment. [ii] What we hope to achieve is to provide affordable and easy to use first-in-class virotherapies to cancer patients around the world, making patients’ lives bright and better again.
我们是一家处于早期发展阶段的生物技术公司,专注于基于溶瘤病毒的癌症治疗法。这是一种新兴的免疫治疗形式,有可能成为肿瘤治疗的标准。使用免疫疗法效果不佳的患者往往患有 “ 免疫性冷肿瘤 ” ,溶瘤病毒则有助于将免疫性冷肿瘤(非反应性)转变为热肿瘤(反应性),从而提高免疫疗法的效果 2 。我们希望能为全世界癌症患者提供可负担且易于使用的一流病毒疗法,为患者的生活带来光明和美好。


How is JLABS @ Shanghai helping you achieve your goals?

JLABS @ 上海如何帮助您实现目标?


Maiden Therapeutics


At Maiden Therapeutics, we are lucky to already be operating in Asia Pacific and to have JLABS @ Shanghai as our launchpad to China. We acknowledge that China is a huge market with many opportunities and challenges. We believe connections, networks, and understanding the local culture are critical to success in China. Fundraising and developing strong science are the meat-and-bones of my role as a CEO, and through the mentoring from and connections at JLABS, my team and I have been able to focus on our science and accelerate the delivery of new potential solutions.
对于能够在亚太地区开展业务,并有 JLABS @ 上海作为 Maiden Therapeutics 进入中国市场的跳板,我们倍感荣幸。中国是一个机遇与挑战并存的巨大市场,我们相信,要在中国取得成功,拓展关系网络以及了解当地文化是不可或缺的。作为 CEO ,筹集资金和推动科学发展是我的两项重任。通过 JLABS 的指导,以及我们在 JLABS 所建立的联系,我和我的团队能够专注于科学研究,加速开发新的解决方案。


HYKM Biopharm


We are very lucky to be part of the JLABS community. Being selected as a JLABS resident company has raised our profile among potential investors, which is key to advancing our work. Access to top experts in our field is another important component of being a resident company. We have already connected with Johnson & Johnson oncology experts and are looking forward to broadening our network even further through many of the events and training sessions organized by the JLABS team. Sessions on legal, recruitment, and government subsidy policy are especially helpful to us at this stage. JLABS @ Shanghai has an excellent operations team that responds quickly to our daily needs and allows our team to be more focused on moving projects forward.
我们非常荣幸能够加入 JLABS 。成为 JLABS 的一员使得我们在潜在投资者心目中的形象有所提升,这对我们发展业务极有帮助。与此同时,能够接触到生命科学领域专家,是促使我们入驻 JLABS 的另一动力。我们与强生肿瘤学专家建立了联系,希望通过 JLABS 团队开展的多项活动和培训课程,进一步扩大我们的关系网络。有关法律、招聘和政府补贴政策方面的相关会议在这一阶段对我们大有助益。 JLABS @ 上海的运营团队非常优秀,经常有效率地回应我们的日常需求,使我们的团队更加专注于推进项目发展。


What is the best thing about being a resident at JLABS @ Shanghai?

在您看来,成为 JLABS @ 上海一员的最大好处是什么?


Maiden Therapeutics


It’s all about the JLABS team! Ever since the Grand Opening of JLABS @ Shanghai, the team here has been an encouraging supporter. Sometimes, we ask very naïve questions about the local ecosystem in China, but the team is always understanding and helpful. Everyone is friendly, professional and accessible, which makes operating here smooth and effective. We can focus our energy on the tasks directly related to building our company.
JLABS 有一支绝佳的团队!自 [email protected] 上海开业以来, JLABS 团队一直是鼓舞人心的支持者。有时我们会就中国的生态系统提出各种问题, JLABS 团队一直支持并帮助我们。这里的人都很友好、专业且高效,使我们的沟通和运营顺畅无比,让我们可以将精力集中在公司的核心业务上。


HYKM Biopharm


There are indeed many great things about being a resident at JLABS @ Shanghai and honestly, I feel very pampered working here. The degree of consideration that went into the hardware, the underlying operation system and the support reflects how well JLABS understands the pain points of biotech start-ups, and this truly feels like a place where we can take off.
成为 JLABS @ 上海的一员确实很棒,在这里工作我感到很惬意。 JLABS 对硬件、操作系统和提供支持的深刻考量反映了他们充分理解生物技术初创企业所面对的困难,这让我们得以在 JLABS 安心地发展事业。


What advice do you have for aspiring JLABS @ Shanghai resident companies?

对于那些希望入驻 [email protected] 上海的企业,您有什么建议?


Maiden Therapeutics


Apply to become a resident! It’s a perfect place to build your company and interact with other entrepreneurs.


HYKM Biopharm


Don’t hesitate to ask for any kind of help. The JLABS @ Shanghai team is responsive, helpful and resourceful. Also, get to know your fellow residents. You never know what might await around the corner.
请随时向他们寻求帮助。 JLABS @ 上海的团队响应迅速 、 乐于助人而且足智多谋。另外,请多多了解其他入驻的公司,你永远不知道在这里会为您带来什么机遇。


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[ii] Sivanandam, V., LaRocca, C., Chen, N., Fong, Y., & Warner, S. (2019). Oncolytic Viruses and Immune Checkpoint Inhibition: The Best of Both Worlds. Molecular Therapy - Oncolytics, 13, 93-106. doi: 10.1016/j.omto.2019.04.003