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Three Of Our Collaborating Companies Make Fierce Biotech’s 2014 Fierce 15 List


Today, Fierce Biotech published its 2014 Fierce 15 list, the 12th annual review of the top 15 private biotech companies.
We are excited that three of our collaborating companies are included on this year’s list: (2) Auduro BioTech, Inc., (9) Molecular Partners, and (10) Navitor Pharmaceuticals. 
Earlier this year, Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Janssen Biotech announced that we entered into an agreement with Auduro BioTech granting Janssen Biotech an exclusive, worldwide license to certain product candidates specifically engineered for the treatment of prostate cancer.  Through a separate agreement, Aduro granted Janssen exclusive rights to Aduro’s ADU741 technology for prostate cancer.
In 2007, along with Index Ventures, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation was one of the first investors to back Molecular Partners, which works with small proteins called DARPins that can be selected to bind to a given target molecule. In 2011, we announced that Janssen Biotech entered into a strategic research collaboration and option agreement with Molecular Partners to research, discover and develop DARPin associated products for the treatment of immunological diseases. 
And just this past June, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation, in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, was among a group of investors to lead Navitor Pharmaceuticals’ $23.5 million Series A round.  Navitor, which is among our Janssen Labs @ LabCentral community in Cambridge, Mass., is developing highly specific modulators of mTORC1, the pathway primarily responsible for cells’ response to nutrient availability including cell growth and function. Navitor is leveraging the central importance of the mTORC1 pathway to develop new therapies for metabolic diseases, like diabetes, as well as autoimmune, musculoskeletal and other disease areas.
We are proud of all of the companies that we support, but are particularly pleased today to share this special recognition for these three companies whose innovations are helping to advance transformative healthcare products.