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Transforming the face of skincare

Every day, Johnson & Johnson touches more than a billion people’s lives through our health care products and services. Our Consumer products play an important role in daily hygiene and caring routines for people around the world. We are committed to meet evolving needs in one of our biggest focus areas – skin care. By collaborating closely with the scientific community to bring cutting-edge science to this field we can develop innovative products that can truly make a difference to people's well-being and beauty.
Recently, Johnson & Johnson Innovation entered into three new external collaborations with two UK universities to progress the thinking and development for products in skincare.
The first of two collaborations with Manchester Pharmacy School is geared towards deepening our understanding of the chemistry and effect of lipids on skin – an area of research that is relatively unexplored and where new insights could translate into promising products and treatments. By bringing together specialists it has been possible to evolve the quantification of epidermal lipids, as well as identifying novel pro- and anti-inflammatory lipid mediators and pathways.
In the second collaboration with The University of Manchester, a team is exploring a novel method which will give us insights about the skin/ brain axis. The investigation focuses on changes to the way people who are experiencing premature ageing feel when they use particular products. By looking specifically at the emotions and neuropsychological distress in women with premature ageing, this approach explores what value a proven anti-ageing product can provide on well-being.
A third collaboration with the MRC Human Immunology Unit at the Weatherall Insititute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford, focuses on the ability of natural extracts to modulate skin barrier functionality in healthy and compromised skin, i.e. eczema prone skin. To examine this, researchers are studying protective properties of materials in vitro. By deepening our understanding of how the skin behaves in response to different compounds it is possible to change the way we imagine and eventually the way we advance treatment options for eczema.
The team at Johnson & Johnson Innovation is extremely passionate and looks forward to continued collaboration to support the R&D goals of the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Healthcare segment – to innovate and advance understanding in the areas of skin fairness, anti-aging,  sun care and baby skin. By embracing external research in the UK and around the world, it is possible that together we might develop consumer products with the potential to make a positive and measurable impact on many more lives around the world.