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Two million views & counting! Celebrating the spirit of Nurse Innovators

Two million views & counting! Celebrating the spirit of Nurse Innovators

This article is by Caleb Hernandez, the CEO of Certa Dose, a JLABS @ NYC resident and awardee in the Advancing the Safe Use of Healthcare Products QuickFire Challenge

One year ago, an emergency room nurse in North Carolina shared a brief video on her Facebook page that she recorded at the 2017 Emergency Nurses Association Convention. The mobile phone video showed a simple demonstration of Certa Dose’s color-coded dosing solution, designed to help prevent medical dosing errors with children. Little did we know that her video was about to go viral and reach almost two million (and counting!) people.

12 months, more than 18,000 shares and 1,400 comments later, we’re thrilled to see such enthusiastic engagement on our video. Not surprisingly, it has motivated us to reflect on why the brief demonstration created the incredible conversations around patient safety, particularly for kids.

It was during my residency in New York that I helped avert what likely would have been a fatal overdose for a child receiving emergency treatment.  It was then that I realized there had to be a better way to accurately dose medicine; I wanted to help thousands of health care professionals save millions of children from preventable medical errors; because of this, Certa Dose® was born.

Nurses draw similar insights every day, identifying patient needs on the front-lines of patient care. It’s been estimated that nurses complete 27 workarounds per shift in order to be efficient and deliver the best care possible. From the moment a patient comes through the door, nurses are there—administering treatment, monitoring progress, noting changes and providing hands-on care. Spending so much time in direct patient care, they may see subtle changes in patients before any else. It’s no accident that so many healthcare innovations have come from the nurses and other health care professionals that are committed to providing care.

But coming up with the idea is just the beginning. Building a business plan, raising funds, creating partnerships, and establishing distribution are just a few of the many obstacles to overcome. If you’re a nurse and have an innovation in patient care that you want to pursue, consider what happened last year when Certa Dose applied to a Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS Quickfire Challenge and was awarded. 

In 2017, Certa Dose was awarded grant funding, one year of residency at JLABS @ NYC, and mentoring from Johnson & Johnson Innovation in Advancing the Safe Use of Healthcare Products QuickFire Challenge.



Being part of the Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS community has been tremendous as it means having opportunities that otherwise we wouldn't know about along with the resources to better evaluate and act on those opportunities.  Having support from and access to senior Johnson & Johnson Innovation leadership has been invaluable; we have gained considerable insights regarding our business, access to resources, introductions to venture capital funding, etc. By virtue of the QuickFire Challenge, we are a better team and company and in far better position to execute on our goals.

A Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS QuickFire Challenge opportunity is now open for nurses with innovative healthcare solutions. Practicing and retired nurses located within the United States are invited to apply to the Johnson & Johnson Nurses Innovate QuickFire Challenge. The best idea(s) will receive up to $100,000 in grants and mentoring from Johnson & Johnson Innovation. Apply at http://jlabs.tv/nurses-innovate.