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Women’s History Month: Through the Eyes of Fiona Mack, Head of JLABS @ TMC



In celebration of Women’s History Month, Johnson & Johnson Innovation is featuring some of our fearless woman leaders. Join in the conversation and learn more by following @JLABS on Twitter!

Today we hear from Fiona Mack, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS @ TMC on her story of growing up in Kentucky with a single mother and getting her start in life sciences. These snackable clips from Fiona are filled with inspiration for women, entrepreneurs and a diverse life science community.

Growing Up in Kentucky

“My mother raised the three of us: me, my brother, my sister, all on her own…What she instilled in us is really a value of education and of hard work


Getting Started in Science

“I’d always been interested in science and when I actually learned what research was, it was a clear path of what I wanted to do. I became the first one in my family to go away to school.”


Joining JLABS: Spanning Multiple Therapeutic Areas and Sectors

“I have really good background for being able to understand what the portfolio here is within our labs.”


“Don’t let the external world place limits on you and be your strongest advocate.”


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